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Youssry & Co. Auditing & Consultancy

We are your trusted accounting partner, providing a wide range of services, from auditing to business valuation.

Youssry & Co. Auditing & Consultancy is a premier certified public accounting firm that has  served privately held companies, as well as high-net-worth individuals. As trusted advisors  to our clients, Youssry & Co. Auditing & Consultancy provide auditing & review, business valuation, forensic auditing, company liquidation, economical feasibility studies, financial  due diligence studies, financial reporting compilation, bookkeeping and management  consultancy as well as a full array of integrated services to clients across industry spectrums and in all stages of organizational development. 


Our external audit process involves collaboration with key decision-makers to ensure a focused and tailored approach. After finalizing the audit scope, an engagement letter is issued and accepted by both parties. We conduct audits of financial statements, operational activities, and compliance with standard procedures.


We are steadfastly dedicated to delivering exceptional, meticulously tailored accounting and consultancy services with the utmost professionalism, accuracy, and transparency. Through fostering collaborative partnerships, our overarching aim is to empower the enduring success and prosperity of businesses and individuals on a global scale.

Nurturing Excellence through Collaboration and Innovation

The collaborative culture at Youssry & Co. Auditing & Consultancy enables our firm to continually review and enhance best practices and technological capabilities. The experience and insight gained through firm-wide cooperation also allows our professionals to learn and develop through their careers by working side-by-side with industry leaders and innovators. As a result, our dedicated audit and advisory
professionals are experts in their fields, harmonizing with clients to anticipate opportunities on the horizon rather than react to short-term competitive pressures.

Fostering Client Engagement and Professional Excellence

Consistent and consequential communication with our clients has been a hallmark of our  firm since its inception. Youssry & Co. Auditing & Consultancy regularly produces analysis, white papers and research reports highlighting emerging trends that will shape best practices. Seminars and events are designed to inform and educate while facilitating meaningful interaction among industry leaders. 
At the core of Youssry & Co. Auditing & Consultancy success story lies our ability to hire,  develop and retain smart, motivated and energetic individuals possessing an entrepreneurial spirit that mirrors that of the sophisticated business and financial services communities that we serve. Our firm has been consistently recognized as one of the best places to work in U.A.E. market.

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Why choose Youssry & Co. Auditing & Consultancy?

Collaborative Culture

Our firm fosters collaboration, enabling continuous improvement and innovative solutions.

Expertise and Insight

Our professionals gain valuable experience by working with industry leaders and innovators.

Consistent Communication

Communication: We prioritize regular communication with clients through analysis, reports, and events.

Thought Leadership

We produce research reports and white papers, highlighting emerging trends and best practices.

Talent Development

We attract, develop, and retain smart, motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Recognized Excellence

We have been consistently recognized as one of the best places to work in the UAE market.

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