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VAT Consultants in UAE

VAT Consultants in UAE

Expert Guidance for Your Business

As the UAE prepares to implement Value-added Tax (VAT) in 2018, businesses need to be well-prepared for the economic impact of this new legislation. The introduction of VAT at a rate of 5% on various products and services requires proper compliance and documentation procedures to avoid penalties. At Youssry & Co. Auditing & Consultancy, we offer tailored VAT consultancy services to assist your business in navigating through the complexities of the new tax regime. Our team of experienced tax specialists will help you understand the requirements and implications of VAT compliance, ensuring your business is fully prepared for the upcoming changes.

Why Choose YOUSSRY & CO. as Your VAT Consultant?


With over three decades of experience in providing accounting and auditing services in UAE and overseas, we have the proficiency and insight to guide your business through the VAT implementation process.

Proactive Strategy:

Our certified auditors, accountants, and tax specialists will work closely with your company to develop a proactive strategy that aligns with your business goals and minimizes potential financial challenges.

Dedicated VAT Advisor:

We assign a dedicated VAT advisor to keep you informed about the latest developments and changes related to the legislation, ensuring your business remains compliant.

How We Can Assist Your Business:

VAT Compliance:

Our experts will assist your business in establishing in-house recording and filing processes to ensure accurate and proper compliance with VAT regulations.

Financial Impact Assessment:

We will analyze the potential monetary challenges your business may face during the VAT implementation and provide solutions to mitigate risks.

Up-to-Date Guidance:

Stay informed with the latest developments in VAT legislation through our dedicated VAT advisor, who will keep you informed about changes that may affect your business.

Get VAT-Ready with Our Expert Consultants in UAE!

Prepare your business for the upcoming VAT implementation with the help of our experienced VAT consultants in UAE. Contact us today and speak to a VAT advisor from our team to get started on your VAT journey.

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