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Court Experts in UAE

Court Experts in UAE

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As a prominent provider of Expert Witness services, Youssry & Co. offers invaluable support for your legal matters. With a team of professionally certified advocates and a strong reputation for delivering quality service, we are well-equipped to handle various fields with expertise. We are proudly regulated experts recognized by Dubai Courts, Dubai Prosecution, Abu Dhabi Courts and Prosecution, and Sharjah Courts and Prosecution. Trust us to assist you with our comprehensive legal expertise and more.

FAQs about Youssry & Co. Expert Witness Services:

At Youssry & Co., our expert witnesses provide opinions on specific matters within their professional expertise that are in dispute before courts or clients.

An expert testimony at Youssry & Co. is delivered by our skilled witnesses who provide their expertise on technical, professional, or scientific issues. They are called upon to testify based on their in-depth knowledge of particular subjects.

Hiring a court expert witness from Youssry & Co. is crucial for cases as they offer clarity on nuanced and complex information. Our experts also bring credibility and objectivity to the table, complementing your legal team and strengthening your case.

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What Do Court Experts Entail?

There are circumstances wherein a certain case has technicalities that are beyond what the judge or arbitrators can grasp. This is because these people shouldn’t be expected to know everything. They are specialized in what they are doing but not in other fields, such as financial, medical, engineering, information technology, and other things. This is why the Court Experts or Expert Witness role is important when it comes to further dig into evidence.

The courts and arbitrators appoint experts to ensure that the technicalities in a certain case are well explained to and understood by the judge or the arbitrators themselves before coming up with a decision. The extensive knowledge that a Court Expert can provide can support them.

The expert witness report for court that will be presented to them can be an aid to further understanding the nature of the case.

In some cases, the dispute lawyers can appoint a Court Expert or the claimant and defendant can both agree on assigning one to investigate or give an expert view on the case at hand. When lawyers seek technical advice to further understand the nature of the dispute, it is called expert dispute support. When the nature of the case needs to be clearer, the Court Experts are called and appointed. The assistance that a Court Expert provides to a judge is essential as it affects the whole case. In light of this, experts for persecution reporting must always be considered before taking a step forward to a final judgment. Their expert witness statement can be used in cases. This is why dispute resolution services and expert witness agencies are available everywhere for further assistance. They are the organizations that provide expert witnesses in court. It should be put in mind that these experts are court-regulated experts who need to have substantial experience to be able to be considered as one. These people are qualified to provide dispute support in the UAE.

Types of Arbitration & Dispute Resolution We Offer

Criminal Law and Criminal Dispute

This is an area of law that focuses on crime, hence its name criminal law. This area of law is against harmful or threatening actions towards well-being, safety, health, or property of people.

The legislative body of a country passes this law, which includes the penalties that criminals will have to face in violating it. Still, there differences in laws from one country to another.

There are five objectives of this area of law that are widely accepted:

Retribution – Most countries’ goal is to make criminals suffer for causing grief to people. Because of this, there is a huge disadvantage for them when they are caught. It is done to balance things out. This is why we all adhere to the laws of the land to ensure that we do not have to face the repercussions. One example is the person who kills may be sentenced to death as well, which supports the idea of balancing things out.

Deterrence – This is objective aims for people to be discouraged to violate laws by imposing a punishment on a criminal. When the society sees an offender to be subject to a certain penalty, it will pull them back from committing the same offenses. Incapacitation – This is defined as preventing someone to have legal capacity, which is intended for the public to be safe from the disturbing acts of criminals. This is done through sentencing them to a number of months, years, or a lifetime in prison. Some countries also apply death penalties to some criminals.

Rehabilitation – The goal of the government through this is to convert a criminal into someone who can be of use in society. When offenders go through this, it is in hopes that they will put an end to doing wrong conduct against people. Restoration – This is mostly for the victims who have been done wrong by criminals. Its aim is to help the victims get back up to their feet. When someone suffered from financial fraud or theft, they will be repaid for the amount illegally obtained from them.

A criminal defense attorney or criminal attorney comes into the picture. In every case, criminal defense attorney ensures that clients, plaintiff or defendant, will have the chance to win the legal action they need to face. Various criminal cases are handled by criminal law attorney—this ranges from theft, fraud, drug, sex, or violent crimes, etc. A criminal defense lawyer ensures that there is proper dispute resolution in criminal disputes for the benefit of the clients. With this, a case can be closed with the help of a criminal justice attorney.

Civil Law and Civil Dispute

Basically, banks can be profit-seeking commercial organizations or government-owned and non-profit institutions. They are all about the issuance of currencies, credit cards, debit cards, etc., processing of transaction, deposition collection, and lending money to people with or without interest, depending on the bank. This is where the people usually go to when they are in need of money or need to transfer money, however, the situation demands.

Banks are under the laws of the jurisdictions of a country where it is located. These are the regulations that are followed by these institutions and the rules that their own requirements are based. This is how their transactions are governed to ensure fairness and transparency for their clients.

In relation to all of these, banking and finance law is usually applied and included in businesses and corporations. This happens when business owners decide to form a new company and they are in need of a bank account to have their transactions or they are in need of a bank that can lend them the amount they are looking for. Also, it can happen when corporations have purchase stocks, mergers and acquisitions, investments, or bank account tax audits. In all of the aforementioned areas, business litigation lawyers are needed by these businessmen. There are, of course, contracts that will be drafted between the banks and the clients, regulating how investment funds can be spent and accounted for by the company that is applying to them.

To avoid any disputes in the future or to make sure that someone can prevent a dispute or handle settling finance disputes, business owners hire a lawyer for them to be in compliant with the law and all it requires. There are circumstances as well wherein local bankruptcy attorney has to deal with companies that want to file bankruptcy so they can have a good settlement with the bank for not being able to pay their dues.

Bankruptcy Attorney for Banking and Finance Dispute

With decades of experience, Youssry & Co. has established itself as a leading audit firm in Dubai. We cater our expertise to various sectors, such as healthcare, hospitality, financial institutions, educational institutes, government organizations, and more. Our services encompass risk assessment, internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing, performance analysis, quality controls, employee training, and continuous process improvement.

Partnership Dispute

Some people prefer to form a company with their friends or people they trust. This can help this in creating more ideas and helping them in the areas that they are not exactly fond or an expert. They form a partnership that might boom or not.

A Partnership is common in businesses, especially startups as this can be a positive thing in sharing the capital aside from the ideas and responsibilities. But even in a good relationship, conflicts can arise.

Partnership disputes are common in the business industry as different people have different characteristics. Even when you have worked together for years and deeply trust each other, there can still be shareholder disputes.

Because of this, even if they didn’t want it to happen in the future, an agreement should be made. This is where a lawyer comes in to make a well-drafted partnership agreement to ensure that the partners have something to follow in case business partner disputes arise. This agreement can guide them in the event when a dispute occurs. The agreement is usually composed of the role of each partner (their responsibilities and duties), the person who has more control, the business’ procedures that should be followed in decision-making, capital contribution, compensation and distributions, process of partners withdrawing, process in removing partners, the circumstances in which the partnership will or can be dissolved or terminated, and more based on what the partners would deem important to cover.

There are a lot of partnership dispute cases, this is why it is advisable that lawyers are involved from the start. These people can help them in being aware and prepared that big or small business partnership disputes exist so they have to be keen on resolving partnership disputes when the time arises.

However, when it does happen, it’s important that they should have partnership dispute lawyers on their side to assist them in fixing things or ensuring that the stipulations in the agreement are followed. These people can handle partnership dispute resolution procedures, which can aid them in fixing things between them to avoid separation. In the event that they don’t want to make it work, these lawyers can help the parties to have amicable parting.

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