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External Audit Service

External Audit Services

Expert Guidance for Your Business

Youssry & Co. Auditing & Consultancy is a leading provider of external audit services in Dubai and the UAE. Our independent statutory audits ensure accurate and transparent examination of your financials.

Mandatory Requirement in the UAE:

Legally registered companies in the UAE must conduct external audits to verify the accuracy and integrity of their financial reporting, including financial statements. An external auditor, like Youssry & Co., provides unbiased reporting through fair representation and transparent communication.

Scope of External Audit:

Our experienced and qualified CPAs conduct external audits, identifying any misstatements in your financial statements. We confidently assess the accuracy and completeness of your financial reporting and internal controls, aiding better management decisions for business growth.

The External Audit Process:

Our external audit process involves collaboration with key decision-makers to ensure a focused and tailored approach. After finalizing the audit scope, an engagement letter is issued and accepted by both parties. We conduct audits of financial statements, operational activities, and compliance with standard procedures.

Audit Reporting:

Our final audit report provides valuable insights into your company’s financial health and operations. It may contain an unqualified opinion (favorable), a qualified opinion (with minor issues), explanatory paragraphs (clarifications), an adverse opinion (significant anomalies), or a disclaimer (insufficient information).

Why Choose Youssry & Co.?

With decades of expertise and industry experience in the Middle East, we are the leaders in statutory audits in Dubai. Our multidisciplinary team of external auditors includes highly qualified CPAs and Chartered Accountants. We invest in the latest technology and training to provide accurate and efficient audit methodologies.

Accurate External Audit Services in Dubai and the UAE - Partner with Youssry & Co.

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